Canyoneering the Seven Teacups/Kern River… Again

Canyoneering the Seven Teacups/Kern River… Again

The Fools ran Seven Teacups… Again

It had been a few years, and it was nice to be back. We did not intend to make a movie this time, but… then Mr. Fool did. We tried to show some other areas, and focused mostly on the fun we had floating down the Kern at the end.

Check out the video of our escapade and a few photos down below!

Trekking to the Teacups

We spent the night in the car, and got up at 5:30 am. We took our time, and hiked the long way in, pausing for lunch in the middle of the teacups, and then had a nice, relaxing float down the Kern to finish the day. Temps were near 100 degrees on the final hike out.

Hiking up the road to the start of the trail.
Along the trail.
Along the trail.
One of the waterfalls.
And another.
Floating down the Kern.
**Disclaimer: Canyoneering comes with serious risks and should only be done if you have proper training or an experienced leader. The information above is not to be used to attempt the canyon and is purposely vague. For proper guidance, check with your local canyoneering experts.
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