The Fools go to Jordan (3/3)

The Fools go to Jordan (3/3)

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Montreal Castle: (1115 AD)



St. Georges Church (19th-century)

The church is not really the attraction. People flock there to see the mosaic map inside the church. The map is part of the remains of an old Byzantine church, which the current church was built atop. Dating back to 640 AD, the map is the oldest of its kind on record.


Roman Ruins: (7500-5500 BC)


Dead Sea:
At 10 times the salinity of ordinary seawater, the Dead Sea is very buoyant.

Amman Citadel:

The Citadel contains a number of different ruins: the Temple of Hercules (161-166 AD); Byzantine Church (550 AD); Umayyad Mosque (8th-century); The Open Cistern (739 AD); and a Bronze Age Cave (2250 BC). You can also see a Roman Theater (2nd-century) down below.

That’s it: you reached the end of The Wandering Fools’ trip to Jordan!

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