The Fools go to Egypt (1/3)

The Fools go to Egypt (1/3)

The Wandering Fools packed their bags, gathered their hats and sunscreen, and departed for Egypt. We’re keeping our trip update light on text and heavy on the photos.

Go to Egypt, part 2/3
Go to Egypt, part 3/3


Pyramids & Great Sphinx of Giza: (2580-2560 BC)

We visited Giza’s most famous sites on a hazy morning–not great for pictures, but a welcome relief from the fall sun that kept us in 90-ish degree temperatures for most of our trip. It was still hot and humid inside the Great Pyramid, though. We pushed through the discomfort to make it to the burial chamber.

‎⁨The Museum of Egyptian Antiquities:

The museum houses many artifacts from King Tut’s tomb such as this outer shell for King Tut’s coffin.


Catacombs of Kombucha Ash-Suqqafa: (2nd-century)

Fun bit of trivia: the catacombs were discovered by a hapless donkey who fell though one of the ceilings to his demise.

Fort Qaitbey: (15th-century)

Fortress on the Mediterranean sea.

Our Hotel on the Mediterranean:

Al Montazah Palace & Gardens: (1892)

Bibliotheca Alexandria: (2002)


Philae Temple: (6th-century)

The entire temple was dismantled and moved to higher ground prior the completion of the Aswan High Damn in 1970.

Unfinished Obelisk: (1508-1458 BC)

The obelisk would have been roughly 137 feet tall and weighed 1,200 tons had it not cracked.

Felucca sailing on the Nile:

Hotel Sofitel Legend – Old Cataract Hotel: (1899)

Hotel in which Agatha Christie stayed and wrote about in her novel Death on the Nile.

Abu Simbel:

Abu Simbel Temples (1264 BC)

Built by Ramesses II and relocated to higher ground prior to the completion of the Aswan High Damn in 1970. Fun thing to note: the 5th photo is an early example of animation. Both the horse and archer have multiple limbs to show motion.

Nile Cruise:

View from the Nile:

We spent three night cruising down the Nile, stopping at various locations for on-shore excursions. The third photo down shows two of the many small boat vendors who rig their boats to the cruise vessel, and toss their wares on deck for inspection and purchase.

Kom Ombo:

Kom Ombo Temple: (180-47 BC)

Crocodile Museum:

Egypt is continued in Part 2 of this post…..

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