The Fools Made T-Shirts

The Fools Made T-Shirts

The Wandering Fools have been busy. We just released a new bunch of t-shirt that are now available for purchase on Threadless.

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Alphabet T-Shirts:

The ABCs of Outdoor Adventuring line of t-shirts are based off our book of the same name. Each shirt features a letter from the alphabet and an illustration of a related outdoor activity. Check out the designs below, and feel free to let us know what you think!

Alphabet T-Shirts ABCs

Couples T-Shirts:

Our couples t-shirt line is a series of paired shirts that can be worn with a significant other. Buy one for yourself and a matching t-shirt for that special guy or gal.

Couples T-Shirts

Unicorn T-Shirts:

Our unicorn t-shirt line celebrates the magic of the unicorn. Who would not want one of these majestic, mythical t-shirts?

Unicorn T-Shirts

Paragliding T-Shirts:

Our paragliding t-shirt line is an ode to one of our favorite sports.

Paragliding T-Shirts


Thanks for checking out all of our t-shirt designs.  The Wandering Fools wish you a happy 2019!

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